I wrote a thing: Observations from my first year as an associate editor

The editors of Functional Ecology invited me to write a piece on diveristy and peer review as part of Peer Review Week 2018. You can find it at the Functional Ecologists blog: https://functionalecologists.com/2018/09/13/observations-from-my-first-year-as-an-associate-editor/

I’ve been an associate editor for Neotropical Ichthyology for just over a year now, and I noticed that suggested reviewers tend to have male names (note: I do not know whether those potential reviewers actually identify as male unless I happen to know them personally and they’ve disclosed this to me). Given the theme of Peer Review Week 2018 is diversity and inclusion, I chose to talk about that in my piece – my observations, the published studies confirming this trend, and some suggestions for how to address it.

Please read the piece and incorporate some of those practices when you submit work and suggest reviewers!


Image source: dictionary.com



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